About Purifie Air Sanitiser

Australia prides itself in having one of the best air quality in the world. Unfortunately, we are unable to escape from the global and prevalent health threats such as the H5N1 flu virus, Corona Virus, HFMD, Salmonella, and many more. While we may not be able to protect ourselves 100%, we can definitely minimise its impact in our daily lives.

Airborne germs, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mould spores contaminate our air and is invisible to our naked eye. But these has led many people to suffer lowered immunities, sneezing, coughing, headaches, fatigue, poor health and sicknesses: Children, elderly and people on medical treatments being most susceptible. Furthermore, airborne contaminants also contribute to the spread of diseases such as food poisoning.

Purifie Air Sanitiser is a premium air sanitiser that is developed to provide a convenient source of UV and Ozone to help clean your air; eliminating and reducing airborne bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungi therefore reducing the transmission and spread of germs and giving you peace of mind as you work, play and enjoy life’s activities. Purifie Air Sanitiser is an Australian Designed and Made. It’s design emphasises on 7 key principals :

1) Effectiveness

Externally validated results show Purifie Air Sanitiser to reduce airborne bacteria and fungi count by more than 95% in just two hours. It proactively takes in air from the room, sanitises the air in its chamber and expels the clean air back into the room. This action will circulate the air in any enclosed room, thereby ensuring a cleaner air for you even in the winter months when most windows and doors are closed.

2) Safety

While UV (Ultra violet) has earned a notorious reputation as the traumatiser to our skin and eyes, it is also one of nature’s best sources of germicide. Consequently, Purifie Air Sanitiser is designed to eliminate any line of sight exposure to the eyes and skin whilst in operation. Additionally, all units undergo stringent pre-testing at its facility before leaving the factory.

3) Chemical Free

Purifie Air Sanitiser is all natural and chemical free – UVC and/or ozone being naturally found components outdoors. There is no chemical discharge or by products and is environmentally friendly. It is safe for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

4) Low maintenance

Designed with durability in mind, the service life of the UV tubes is up to 15000 hrs which is over a year! Purifie Air Sanitiser is built for robustness and which basically means less need for any replacements.

5) Energy Efficient

With the ever increasing energy bills, Purifie Air Sanitiser requires only 2.7W of energy to run.

6) Whisper Quiet

Operates silently which is perfect for clinics, hospitals, offices, beauty salons, child care, aged care and at home.

7) Light Weight

Weighing just 0.6kg, it is portable and easy to be placed from one location to another.




Purifie Air Sanitiser Range


Germicidal (P6G) units have been designed to provide a reliable and efficient source of irradiated air, to minimise the level of airborne germs, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Broad Spectrum UV (200-300nm) is utilised, which is absorbed by the micro-organism which breaks down its structure.

This process occurs in nature from the UVC effects of sunlight. We have enabled it in a compact, efficient and safe unit to bring a little bit of sunshine into your workplace.

This model is safe and suitable for use in work places or in public spaces.



Ozoniser (P6N) unit works similarly to the Germicidal unit (P6G) and the difference is that it produces a natural substance called ozone. Ozone has been well documented to effectively break down pollutants in the air and is more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria, germs and fungi. The ozone generation process occurs in nature with lighting storms. Hence ozones produced from lighting naturally deodorises air, leaving air smelling fresh after a storm.

Purifie Air Sanitiser Ozoniser has the ability to break down air borne odour molecules hence effectively deodorising the premise. Suitable for use anywhere in the work place and home to reduce odours such as food, chemical, odour.

This model is safe however ozones emitted may cause some sensory irritation to some people especially in smaller rooms. Recommended to turn on unit for a couple of hours