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PurifieĀ® Story

Everyone has a unique story – including Purifie®. Ours began in 2009, when the founder of Purifie® was taking a ride in his friends' car. His friend had placed fragrances in his car in an attempt to mask the smell of cigarette. Unfortunately, the perfumery caused the founder to have an adverse respiratory reaction and a spell of dizziness. This prompted him to raise this question..."Is there a better way of ridding odour without using scented products?" Purifie® was then borne...

Through research and development, in-house creativity and right partnerships, EnvioCarb Pty Ltd Australia (owner of Purifie® brand) first started offering NATURAL Purifie® Odour Absorber in Malaysia. As word spread and demand grew for our NATURAL and NON-SCENTED smell removal product, we expanded in 2011 to reach homes in Singapore, USA, Europe, and Australia. 

Our headquarters are in Australia with its manufacturing affiliate and factory located in Malaysia. We now offer a wider range of NATURAL odour removal solutions for homes, automotives, personal care and pet areas. Purifie® has also expanded its portfolio to include natural cleaning solutions, water filtration systems and recyclable paper cat litter. Our range of quality products aims to serve each customer in different ways - but all with a focus on making lives a little easier, healthier and better.


Did You Know?

Many fragrances in the market contains hazardous chemicals and includes volatile organic compounds, of which some are carcinogenic and causes ne more...


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