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  • Belinda Stewart
    Nothern Territory

    I undertook the first experience with Purifie in my office’s pantry. It has an unmistakable stink and was just impossible to get rid ofthe odour no matter what I tried until Purifie. I left it over the long Easter weekend and today when I got in, the pantry is odourless. Quite amazing. My colleague was impressed.

  • Adam Cusk

    I had a nightmare when my cat pissed into my radiator. The stench was unbearable. I tried using Purifie since it was recommended bymy concierge and it worked wonderfully! The stench was reduced and I’m very happy with it. 

  • Dymphna Genevieve Lim

    I live in a 1 bedder and cook in 3 times a week. But the smell of cooking fills the living and takes days to clear despite opening the windows. With purifie, I noticed that the smell is reduced drastically. Oh I’ve also put 1 piece into my fridge and the smell of food is completely gone!

  • Simone Spicer

    I brought one at a pet store in Balwyn. I purchased one due to the smells from a new family puppy. i had purchased a number of other products but was not impressed with the residue or smells other products left.  I went to my usual pet stock store in Nunawading and they hadn't heard of the product. Decided to search online and found your site.

  • Kelvin
    kuala lumpur

    I generally dislike fragrances because i've got very sensitive nose. I would sneeze when i have a wiff of the scent. There aren't any product in the market that would get rid of the smell in my car until i found purifie.  i was quite skeptical but after trying it, i am glad to have found it.

  • Amanda Hoh
    Kuala Lumpur

    i accidentally left my apartment window opened when the rain came. It wet my carpet and the room smelled the next day. I was told about purifie and decided to get a few and put around the room. Surprisingly, the smell actually went off.

  • Christina Yeap

    i have 2 active sons who has all kinds of shoes for various sports. It really leaves a bad smell when i open the shoe cabinet. It was either the stench or some deordorising spray that seeps through. Tried using  some charcoal products which works in some way but doesn't work as well as purifie. Good product.

  • Melinda Sanders
    Northcote, Victoria

    Hi Kelvin, First off I couldn't believe how quickly my order arrived! Our fridge smelled due to kangaroo meat we had for our dog. I had cleaned the fridge thoroughly, wiped it out with vanilla and left a bowl of bicarbonate of soda in there...all to no avail. I put one Purifie in the fridge and another in the freezer section (it also smelled from freezing the meat). Two days later it didn't seem any better, not happy! However, I was away for 2 days, came home and No Smell at all....fantastic! Thank you so much!.

  • Miranda Cusack

    Hi, i've got a 3 year old Abyssinian cat and i've made sure that the cat litter is cleaned daily. But the stench from the litter is still very strong and i ended up using freshener to deodorise it. When i saw Purifie online, i thought of giving it a go and i am truly happy because i could feel a noticable difference in the reduction of the stench. Definitely recommend this product.

  • Florence Lim
    Bundoora, Melbourne

    We've just got a daughter and we had to move the cat and the litter to our laundry room for the moment until our daughter is much older.  We noticed immediately the the smell of our cat's "business" was terrible! We were not very keen on using any chemicals or sprays that may harm our cat but our religious routine of cleaning the cat litter does not seem to help with that problem unless we change the litter every 5 days which is very expensive. A friend introduced Purifie and we used it on the cat litter and we were surprised at the result! We've also used another Purifie product near the waste bin where we dispose the soiled diapers and we are very happy with the results!. Thank you!

  • Moira Tan
    Burwood, Melbourne

    We've got a boxed cat litter that have the replaceable filter at the top. It worked ok in preventing the smell from coming out of the box. We tried SmellzOff and we found that it worked much better than the filter and works out to be cheaper as well. Our toilet does not stink as much as before. Very happy.

  • Yi Tung
    Kuala Lumpur

    Dear Magendran, Nice meeting you 2 weeks ago at the pet shop  in Scott Garden. As promised, herewith the review : " Been using Purifie Odour Absorber for my car , and im surprised that this small box of absorber is very powerful, i have a golden retriever and it usually have some smells after car ride, but the smell will disappear after few hours , it really helps!"

  • Anonymous From Rainbow
    Rainbow, Victoria

    We run a small motel at Rainbow, on the outskirt of Melbourne. We had a problem with a room after the guest left but we tried many products yet the smell remains. We thought of trying Purifie during a visit to Supercheap and it worked beautifully! We decided to use Purifie for all our rooms.

  • Amber Almenning
    NSW, Australia

    With a big dog, two boys and a husband that enjoys the odd cigar, I was constantly searching for a product that didn’t just mask the smells around the house. Purifie has been amazing as it works brilliantly on all odours in the house and car, and I don’t have to worry about any toxic elements in it. Can’t recommend it enough!

  • Dr Yew Ee Lingm Dvm
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    As a person who has a sensitive nose, my smell sensory is easily triggered and I get nauseated with strong scents, be it fragrances or malodours. I am glad that I came across Purifie Odour Removal as it is an organic, non-toxic and fragrance-free product which effectively absorbs any nasty smell. As I frequently travel around the farm, I make sure I always have this product in my car to take away any unpleasant odour which I may have contracted from the farm. It is definitely a solution for me as my nose can’t take the smell of perfumed products either. Moreover, fragrances are mostly made of chemicals which can only mask the malodours and is certainly not beneficial to our health in long term. The best part is, this product lasts for months in the car! Effective and value for money while doing good to the earth as it is eco-friendly! Yew Ee Ling Dr YEW Ee Ling, DVM (UPM)

  • Steven & Shirley

    We were introduced to Purifie™ earlier in the year (2014). We tried it in our own shop and it actually work! We gave some to customers to test and they too liked it and came back for more. We decided to carry in the shop and we've been selling a reasonable amount every month - S & S Pet's Shop 

  • Anne Dugdale

    “ Been using the enviocarb purifier in both my home and work fridge and it has definitely made a massive difference. The fridge just feels fresher when opening it and we have not been experiencing any food smell. Definitely a great find!”

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