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  • Anonymous From Rainbow
    Rainbow, Victoria

    We run a small motel at Rainbow, on the outskirt of Melbourne. We had a problem with a room after the guest left but we tried many products yet the smell remains. We thought of trying Purifie during a visit to Supercheap and it worked beautifully! We decided to use Purifie for all our rooms.

  • Amber Almenning
    NSW, Australia

    With a big dog, two boys and a husband that enjoys the odd cigar, I was constantly searching for a product that didn’t just mask the smells around the house. Purifie has been amazing as it works brilliantly on all odours in the house and car, and I don’t have to worry about any toxic elements in it. Can’t recommend it enough!

  • Dr Yew Ee Lingm Dvm
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    As a person who has a sensitive nose, my smell sensory is easily triggered and I get nauseated with strong scents, be it fragrances or malodours. I am glad that I came across Purifie Odour Removal as it is an organic, non-toxic and fragrance-free product which effectively absorbs any nasty smell. As I frequently travel around the farm, I make sure I always have this product in my car to take away any unpleasant odour which I may have contracted from the farm. It is definitely a solution for me as my nose can’t take the smell of perfumed products either. Moreover, fragrances are mostly made of chemicals which can only mask the malodours and is certainly not beneficial to our health in long term. The best part is, this product lasts for months in the car! Effective and value for money while doing good to the earth as it is eco-friendly! Yew Ee Ling Dr YEW Ee Ling, DVM (UPM)

  • Steven & Shirley

    We were introduced to Purifie™ earlier in the year (2014). We tried it in our own shop and it actually work! We gave some to customers to test and they too liked it and came back for more. We decided to carry in the shop and we've been selling a reasonable amount every month - S & S Pet's Shop 

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