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  • Miranda Cusack

    Hi, i've got a 3 year old Abyssinian cat and i've made sure that the cat litter is cleaned daily. But the stench from the litter is still very strong and i ended up using freshener to deodorise it. When i saw Purifie online, i thought of giving it a go and i am truly happy because i could feel a noticable difference in the reduction of the stench. Definitely recommend this product.

  • Florence Lim
    Bundoora, Melbourne

    We've just got a daughter and we had to move the cat and the litter to our laundry room for the moment until our daughter is much older.  We noticed immediately the the smell of our cat's "business" was terrible! We were not very keen on using any chemicals or sprays that may harm our cat but our religious routine of cleaning the cat litter does not seem to help with that problem unless we change the litter every 5 days which is very expensive. A friend introduced Purifie and we used it on the cat litter and we were surprised at the result! We've also used another Purifie product near the waste bin where we dispose the soiled diapers and we are very happy with the results!. Thank you!

  • Moira Tan
    Burwood, Melbourne

    We've got a boxed cat litter that have the replaceable filter at the top. It worked ok in preventing the smell from coming out of the box. We tried SmellzOff and we found that it worked much better than the filter and works out to be cheaper as well. Our toilet does not stink as much as before. Very happy.

  • Yi Tung
    Kuala Lumpur

    Dear Magendran, Nice meeting you 2 weeks ago at the pet shop  in Scott Garden. As promised, herewith the review : " Been using Purifie Odour Absorber for my car , and im surprised that this small box of absorber is very powerful, i have a golden retriever and it usually have some smells after car ride, but the smell will disappear after few hours , it really helps!"

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