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  • Kelvin
    kuala lumpur

    I generally dislike fragrances because i've got very sensitive nose. I would sneeze when i have a wiff of the scent. There aren't any product in the market that would get rid of the smell in my car until i found purifie.  i was quite skeptical but after trying it, i am glad to have found it.

  • Amanda Hoh
    Kuala Lumpur

    i accidentally left my apartment window opened when the rain came. It wet my carpet and the room smelled the next day. I was told about purifie and decided to get a few and put around the room. Surprisingly, the smell actually went off.

  • Christina Yeap

    i have 2 active sons who has all kinds of shoes for various sports. It really leaves a bad smell when i open the shoe cabinet. It was either the stench or some deordorising spray that seeps through. Tried using  some charcoal products which works in some way but doesn't work as well as purifie. Good product.

  • Melinda Sanders
    Northcote, Victoria

    Hi Kelvin, First off I couldn't believe how quickly my order arrived! Our fridge smelled due to kangaroo meat we had for our dog. I had cleaned the fridge thoroughly, wiped it out with vanilla and left a bowl of bicarbonate of soda in there...all to no avail. I put one Purifie in the fridge and another in the freezer section (it also smelled from freezing the meat). Two days later it didn't seem any better, not happy! However, I was away for 2 days, came home and No Smell at all....fantastic! Thank you so much!.

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Many fragrances in the market contains hazardous chemicals and includes volatile organic compounds, of which some are carcinogenic and causes ne more...


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