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  • Belinda Stewart
    Nothern Territory

    I undertook the first experience with Purifie in my office’s pantry. It has an unmistakable stink and was just impossible to get rid ofthe odour no matter what I tried until Purifie. I left it over the long Easter weekend and today when I got in, the pantry is odourless. Quite amazing. My colleague was impressed.

  • Adam Cusk

    I had a nightmare when my cat pissed into my radiator. The stench was unbearable. I tried using Purifie since it was recommended bymy concierge and it worked wonderfully! The stench was reduced and I’m very happy with it. 

  • Dymphna Genevieve Lim

    I live in a 1 bedder and cook in 3 times a week. But the smell of cooking fills the living and takes days to clear despite opening the windows. With purifie, I noticed that the smell is reduced drastically. Oh I’ve also put 1 piece into my fridge and the smell of food is completely gone!

  • Simone Spicer

    I brought one at a pet store in Balwyn. I purchased one due to the smells from a new family puppy. i had purchased a number of other products but was not impressed with the residue or smells other products left.  I went to my usual pet stock store in Nunawading and they hadn't heard of the product. Decided to search online and found your site.

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