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  • q.Why is there no smell on Purifie?

    Purifie is an odour absorber and not a fragrance. It was developed to remove odour molecule from the air and not releasing fragrances to cover up the foul smell. 

  • q.How does Purifie remove the smell?

    Purifie uses its proprietor Purifie Impreg technology that opens up millions of pores that acts just like a sponge. Smell molecule that gets in contact with Purifie’s pore will be absorbed and stay trapped in there.

  • q.Can it be used around children and pets?

    Yes definitely. Purifie is an organic product that is chemical free and toxic free. It’s contents are of granular texture (sand like) which is not a favourite of pets and young children. It does not spill like liquid and does not have the fragrance that may cause irritation or allergies to them. Fortunately, accidental ingestion of small quantity will not cause poisoning but it is still wise to keep it safe from young children or pets from eating it.

  • q.How long can it last?

    Depending on which product that you’ve purchased and where it is being used, purifie can last between 1 – 6 months. Just give it a shake once a while for better performance.

  • q.Can I use Purifie while using the fragrance?

    It is again an oxymoron situation. The fragrance gives out fragrances to cover up the bad smell but Purifie will be working hard at absorbing both the bad smell as well as the fragrance. It would be a waste of money to use both at the same time. Not withstanding that, we did receive comments from our customers that using both was quite rewarding. It is entirely up to you.

  • q.Why can't Purifie come up with dual function product that absorbs the bad smell but also releases fr

    Unfortunately no. It is case of an oxy-moron situation. Purifie’s main objective is to remove smell, how can it release it at the same time? We understand that in the market there are products that says absorbs smell but it also comes with some lemon fragrances. The question will be, which is actually working? The absorption or the fragrance release?

  • q.Is this similar to baking soda and charcoal that has been used commonly to remove smell?

    It is true that charcoal and baking soda have proven properties to absorb foul smell. However, Purifie was made with an absorption capability of 5 times more powerful compared to normal charcoal. This allows Purifie to be in a smaller size and not to mention cleaner to handle compared to charcoal or baking soda. We have also received testimonies of users using baking soda to no avail but with wonderful results from Purifie.

  • q.Where are the best places I can use Purifie?

    Purifie range of products will have its usage recommendation on its packaging.  Generally speaking, it is best used in small enclosed areas such as fridge, shoe cabinets, drawers, bags, shoes/boots, toilet etc.

  • q.Is there ay special care required to dispose of spent Purifie?

    No, that’s not necessary. Since Purifie is 100% organic, it can be decomposed quite easily. The best way to dispose of it is to throw it into your garden bed or flower pots as it will even act as a soil conditioner!

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